Little excites us more than seeing how the fashion world wears Reiss. So, to celebrate the fact that the first pieces from our Autumn/Winter '12 collection have landed on the shop floor, we asked one of our favourite menswear bloggers, Monsieur Robot, to choose a piece from the new collection and show us how he'll be wearing it.

I chose the Breaker baseball jacket from the new Reiss collection because it’s one of those trends I’ve really never tried before; baseball jackets usually come in garish colours and that always puts me off. This one is so understated and wearable, I can imagine it would become a wardrobe staple really quickly.  I’d wear the jacket over a classic white oxford shirt under an old Alexander McQueen skull jumper of mine, keeping everything black and white. Black skinny jeans from Cheap Monday are another staple of mine, and wearing all black is always a stylishly safe bet. Grey and purple suede Hi-tops by Pierre Hardy break the monochrome and also reference the baseball jacket/sportswear theme. A skull necklace, just in case there aren’t enough skulls on the jumper (also I’m a sucker for some bling). The vintage Marc Jacobs name badge is a favourite accessory of mine, it never fails to make me smile, I’d wear that on the baseball jacket just to put my own stamp on it. The Terry Richardson replica glasses from Moscot complete the look but mostly I’d be wearing them because I can’t see anything without them!