Milan Style - How To Get It


Men's fashion week kicked off in Milan yesterday, which means that the world’s most stylish males will be congregating in the fashion capital of Italy for five days of catwalk shows and presentations. Even when the fashion spotlight is not on Milan, though, it’s fair to say that the city is packed with impeccably dressed men. From hotel porters to office workers, Milan is a menswear fashion mecca even when the cameras aren't rolling. Here are a few tips on how to how to tap in to that immaculate style.

Don’t Leave Your Neck Naked

The myth that Italian guys rock an unbuttoned shirt with tons of chest hair is just that – a myth. For true Milanese style, make sure your neck is covered. From a turtle neck jumper to a Windsor knotted knit tie, a neckerchief or a classic plain shirt with patterned tie.

Flip Your Collar

It’s the little touches that make the difference. Flipping your collar gives a rakish edge to a formal blazer or suit jacket.

Go For Bold

Go for colour. Milanese style is all about playing with colour; match burgundy and cobalt blues, or navy and salmon pinks for a confident approach to style.

Double Breast It

Italian guys aren’t afraid of a well-cut double breasted jacket. The trick is to keep it the overall silhouette fitted by keeping the jacket partially buttoned, and ensuring you purchase a slim cut style in the first place.


Pocket squares, watches, belts and braces: getting the Milanese look right comes with working an outfit through from top to bottom.