Style collective, The Sartorial 7, may have different careers and taste, but they've all gone on thing in common. Great style. We asked the well-dressed coterie to show us what to wear for London Collections:Men and to tell us a little about the city haunts that they frequent for the menswear showcase. Read on to discover all about their style and hidden hangouts. Keep up with all of LC:M’s most stylish developments by returning to the blog and following #ReissLive on Instagram @Reissfashion and on Twitter at @Reiss


Managing Director and Deputy Fashion Editor


My favourite place to eat in London is M1lk, in Balham

I can't get through LC:M without a good hat, sunglasses & good music.

I chose this outfit because I feel like I've covered all the foundations with single breasted suits, I now must do the same with double breasted styles. I already have a grey check, now I can tick the blue pinstripe box.




My favourite place to eat in London is Mishkin’s in Covent Garden – perfect if you’re not on a diet.

My favourite place to relax in London is any quiet spot in Hyde Park, away from the crowds.

I can’t get through LC:M without my Acne Studios white leather sneakers. They’re completely versatile, perfect for summer and can be worn with a suit and shorts alike. My Junghans wristwatch rarely sees the light of day with long sleeved jumpers and shirts, so as soon as it’s summer and T-shirts are the norm I get to unashamedly show it off.

I chose this outfit because I’m naturally drawn to subdued colours –white, black, grey and navy blue, so I pieced together an outfit based on the colours and textures I liked most. The outfit has a lot of flexibility to it as well, especially the shirt - which can be worn on its own, sleeves rolled up, buttons undone, underneath a jumper or open on top of a T-shirt. It’s definitely going to make a lot of appearances this summer.


 Fashion Director


My favourite place to eat in London is the Rosewood Hotel. It’s great for food in London whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's also ideal during LC:M as it’s a short walk away from the key venues. It's also great for a nightcap - far too easy to get carried away if you're lucky enough to be spending the night in one of their luxurious rooms.

My favourite place to relax in London is Neals Yard, I could sit there for hours with a juice from Blend & Press. It feels like a hidden oasis in the centre of so much hustle and bustle.

I can't get through LC:M without a portable charger. In such a fast paced environment it’s important that I cover as much as I can instantly online. Needless to say the iPhone doesn't often make it past middle of the day without a top up.

Plasters are a huge part of my life over show season. Not to put on weathered ankles, but on the inside of new shoes to help prevent rubbing. Finally, water, water and more water. Constant rushing around means you often forget to eat as the time between shows is minimal, so it’s key to stay hydrated.

I chose this outfit because the fit on both the shirt and chinos work well with my body shape. As a look It also works perfectly during the day for shows but with a little help from the blazer, it becomes the perfect outfit for dinner with brands. Come midnight I can slip the blazer off and dance the night away.


Fashion PR


My favourite place to eat in London is Tonkotsu – hands down - simple, easy and tasty.

My favourite place to drink in London is a good old spit n saw dust pub. Around London there are plenty of Samuel Smith bars. The customers tend not to be from the industry, so it can be a nice break from the fashion rat race.

I can't get through LC:M without water, my iPhone and charger…..oh and lip balm.

I chose this outfit because I know that navy suits me. The cut of the jacket works perfect for me as I am quite short in the body so this makes me look a little taller. The cut of the neck also lengthens my neck line, also making me look taller….my work CV says I am 6.2” tall…… every little helps.




My favourite place to eat in London is Balthazzar on Russell Street. It's got the best lobster and a fantastic atmosphere - my top categories when selecting an eatery. If I'm grabbing a bite, I’ll head to Shoreditch House.

I can’t get through LC:M without my camera. Other than that I always carry a pen and notebook (paper doesn't crash!) and my iPhone with an external charger.

I chose this outfit because I love the clean tailoring that Reiss offers, so whenever I stop by that's always what I reach for first. For summer, I prefer a classic T-shirt and blazer combination, and the double monk straps elevate the look.


Brand Manager


My favourite place to eat in London is a cute little Japanese restaurant tucked away in Soho, but I'm not giving its name, it's already too popular as it is.

My favourite place to relax during LC:M is any decent cafe away from all the mayhem - Kaffeine is good. In summer, I’ll be relaxing in the countryside.

I can't get through LC:M withoutKiehl's facial fuel lip balm, a bottle of water and coffee.

I chose this outfit because I wanted to have a comfortable yet smart outfit that reflected Mediterranean summer vibes. To be comfortable in what you wear is the best impression you can make. Choosing what best reflects you is what's required.

I love double-breasted jackets and I chose mine in a lightweight linen fabric that’s ideal for the warmer weather. With its patch pockets it's the perfect jacket that allows you dress smart and casual as and when you wish. You can't go wrong with a white shirt and mine has concealed buttons holding the collar in shape which is great in the summer when I want to leave a few of the top buttons undone.  The trousers have a nice speckled texture which give a more contemporary feel. Tasselled loafers finish off the look allowing for a confident, nonchalant sock-less look.


Personal Shopper


My favourite place to eat in London is the Crate Brewery in Hackney. Glorious stone-baked pizza and beautiful home crafted beer.

My favourite place to relax in London is the Radisson Hotel in Bloomsbury.

I can’t get through LC:M without a bottle of water, my portable phone charger and my sunglasses.

I chose this outfit because I love the contrast between smart and casual and I feel that this outfit combined the two perfectly. I’ve opted for a modern take on a British classic with the Harrington style jacket, and mixed it with the smart elements of tailored trousers and double monk-strap shoes.