Presenter and Radio DJ Roman Kemp is regularly surrounded by London's best dressed men. But what does he wear, what is his highlight of London Collection's Men, whose show is the best, and which attendee's style does he admire? Here, we talk all things men's style with Roman. Keep up with all of LC:M’s most stylish developments by returning to the blog and following #ReissLive on Instagram @Reissfashion and on Twitter at @Reiss

Roman wears the Toulon grey suede bomber jacket, the Marbury flecked white T-shirt, the Maurice black slim-fit jeans

What will you be wearing to the shows and how do you decide what you will wear?

I guess it depends on the event/show but most of the time I want to feel smart. Although being comfy is also essential! So nothing too fitted and a good jacket never hurts.

What are the most important items that you can’t live without during LC:M?

Maybe a couple of good jackets, that way if you're in last night’s jeans you can completely change your look quickly.

Which show will be the highlight of your LC:M schedule?

I always look forward to the Topman and MAN shows. Katie Eary is always a highlight too.

Whose LC:M style do you admire and why?

It's hard to pick out a particular style, I end up seeing so many different looks that I'd like to think I can pull off.

What is your favourite part of LC:M?

The build up to the show after you've taken your seat, lots of expectation in the room and you know how nervous the people involved are, so naturally you want it to go well for them.

Between shows, where do you hang out?

I've got quite a few to get to this year so I'm mostly pacing around London, I'm not a fan of cabs so I'll be walking!

What has inspired your LC:M styling for this season?

I would genuinely say the latest Reiss collection – and that’s not just because of who I'm talking to! This season really suits what I want my style to be.

What is your favourite anecdote from a LC:M party?

I'm not even sure I can tell you, there are some pretty amazing stories floating about but they all seem to involve things I shouldn't mention.

Keep up with all of London Collection Men’s most stylish developments by returning to the blog and following #ReissLive on Instagram @reissfashion and on Twitter at @reiss