For our latest menswear tailoring feature, we drew our inspiration from a legendary chess match that took place in 1972. Dubbed by many as the Match of the Century, it's the sharp precision played in this iconic game that led to us wanting to recreate the vibe for our sharp AW13 tailoring.

So what actually was the Match of the Century? Well, the World Chess Championship 1972 saw two chess Grandmaster titans battle against each other in a titanic game that went down in history. Bobby Fischer of the United States played against Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union in an unforgettable  set of games that started on July 11,1972 and ended on August 31 after 40 moves.

Fischer won the match 12½–8½, becoming the eleventh offical World Champion. Spassky resigned the very next day without resuming play.

It's clear how much the Match of the Century influenced our latest menswear feature, proving how any man can come out sartorial champion in our well-crafted AW13 tailoring.

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