We join menswear blogger and photographer Marvin Sheckler of Why Sheckler, as he shows us around Sydney's most picturesque locations wearing Reiss AW14 menswear in My Secret Sydney.

Marvin wears the Talbot navy mac

Wearing Reiss, one of my favourite British brands, I have tried to give you an impression of how beautiful life in Sydney can be.

I started the day by enjoying the beautiful view by the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge from the Royal Botanic Gardens. It’s a wonderful place to relax.

Taking a stroll on George Street, with its variety of shops is always fun.

On gloomy days it looks a lot like London.

If you are looking for a place to withdraw back into yourself, you definitely can’t go wrong, spending a moment at Homebush Bay located around 40 minutes from the city centre.

Back in the city one of the many flea markets, like the Paddington, the Glebe or Redwater market is a must see.

The next stop is Newtown, which is in my eyes, the most beautiful and special borough of Sydney with its small streets full of graffiti and the 1970s look that is apparent nearly everywhere here.

Another very old fashioned but spectacular sight is the arcade called "The Strand" based on George Street.

Perfect to have a good coffee in a very moody location

And if you want to give yourself a treat, pick up some chocolates there.

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