In a serendipitous twist of fate, on visiting the Tate Modern's latest exhibition, 'Malevich', we were struck by the visual parallels between the art great's stylistic hallmarks and pieces from our own AW14 collection. So inspired were we by this symmetry that to highlight the relationship we selected works from the exhibition which resonated with the same aesthetic spirit as designs from our AW14 range. Bold, stark - yet imbued with great feeling - discover how Kazimir Malevich's work created a rich visual language which reverberates through contemporary men's fashion.

Archetypal of Malevich's style of rendering the human form, 'Carpenter' sits in room eleven of the exhibition - which has been fittingly named Reinventing Figuration. Marking a return to earlier subject matter - namely rural life - the painting's starkness strives to convey a sense of faceless alienation and despair. Unlike more abstract works the painting incorporates figuration, grounding 'Carpenter' in a more tangible realm.

The Windsor block colour jumper

Comprised from striking panels of contrasting colour and texture, the Windsor block colour jumper uses dramatic juxtaposition of subdued tones to create a bold sartorial statement.

Also sitting in the exhibition's eleventh room, 'Woman With Rake' channels the same faceless soullessness and alienation of the Russian peasant. Against a markedly stark backdrop, the faceless woman is the abstracted embodiment of shared despair. Such was Malevich's talent that this initially bold, colourful scene is the signifier of something far more sombre.

The Moat red colour block jumper

Richly intense, yet suitably restrained for the year's colder months, the Moat colour block jumper channels that elusive combination of and impact and restraint.

‘Malevich’, Tate Modern, London, until October the 26.

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