Yesterday, in part one of her Cannes Diary, TV Presenter & Fashion Journalist, Louise Roe told exciting tales of hobnobbing with Hollywood's A-list and more. Today, she's back with part two. Read on for body-guarded rubies, Ryan Reynold's cocktail party and how to face 6oo paparazzi on the red carpet.

I hit the beach for stroll this morning, wearing PaperDenimCloth jeans and carrying a little Reiss clutch. It’s easy to forget that the rest of the year, Cannes is a quiet, beautiful beach resort with a hidden old town of winding, cobbled streets, full of history and culture – so it’s nice to have a moment of calm before the media storm! However, on my way back for breakfast, I walk past a bearded and sunglass-wearing Ryan Reynolds!

Today I’m invited to a luncheon at another pretty house, thrown by children’s charity Art of Elysium. These guys are amazing – they help children with disabilities and illnesses to feel good about themselves, through mentorships, fashion or acting programmes and art workshops. So it means a lot to be here and learn more about the charity. Chocolate eclairs make for a delicious dessert, but it’s melting fast in the sun so I’m careful not to get any on my baby blue Reiss jumpsuit!

It’s our last night in Cannes, and tradition has it that before a premiere you head for an early supper at Le Pizza, a bustling restaurant that has fed the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn. They make the best pizza I’ve ever tasted, anywhere in the world, so my friends and I share a bottle of rose and a pizza on La Croisette, the famous street along Cannes' shoreline.

I’m enjoying the chance to dress casually for a minute, so I don my vintage Levi shorts, Jimmy Choo neon sandals and my mint green Coach bag.

Afterwards it’s time for another quick change, this time into a peach and cream off-the-shoulder ball gown by British label Beulah. My fabulous hair and make-up artist, Micheal Ashton, braids my hair up into a messy bun, which makes me feel very elegant. We opt for a tan shimmery eye and bronzed cheeks, to go with the warmth of my dress and jewellery. Next, I put on my rose gold Chopard jewels. My own private bodyguard waits outside my room (how utterly ridiculous to be writing that sentence!?) but yup – the jewellery is worth so much that I have to have Patrick, (a Jason Statham lookalike) follow me around all night. Wow.

We head up to Ryan Reynold’s cocktail party (there goes another ridiculous sentence), and spot Rob Pattinson walking through the hotel lobby (ok, this is getting silly). He’s clearly just arrived from the airport, and his hood is up, his head is down, and unbelievably, nobody notices him. Except, of course, my manager Kirsty and I, who squeal like schoolgirls. And I have to say, he’s even cuter in real life.

As the sun sets, it’s time to drive towards the famous Cannes steps, a red carpet that dwarfs the Oscars in size, and is much, much louder. Music blares from speakers and in Europe, the photographers are a little bolder than in America, so they shout like crazy to get an actress' attention. I’m on the lookout for Ryan’s wife, Blake Lively, she will be attending this movie premiere and so far she’s been my best dressed of the festival, wowing crowds every night with stunning gowns. I can’t wait to see what she wears tonight.

As I step out of the car I’m suddenly terrified: 600 photographers raise their lenses, and it’s my turn to walk the red carpet. I’ve never, ever seen anything like this. But I just remember what my Mum says, ‘Shoulders back, tummy in, aaaand smile’, which makes me laugh on the inside, so I set off. A few scary moments later I’m at the top of the steps, and I look back to see Blake arrive in a timeless, elegant black and white voluminous Gucci gown. She sports a red lip and huge shiny bun in her hair, which calls to mind silver screen sirens of a bygone era. Now that’s how to own the red carpet.

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