First up in our London Lives series features Marie Dessuant, a Parisian designer living and working in our capital. Part One of the feature and a flavour of the day on set is live now, with more coming soon. But for now, step behind-the-scenes on the day we captured Marie in her favourite London places.

We started our day at the South London Gallery, just around the corner from Marie. It's a regular weekend hangout, and who can resist a good gallery bookshop?

With a few shots outside, we couldn't let Marie freeze in a spring leather biker, so she warmed up between shots in a vintage fur bought in Paris.

Next stop was north of the river at the seriously fragrant Scarlet & Violet florist in Kensal Rise. Without question one of the best-smelling places in London, it was the perfect backdrop for a jaunty spring Breton and fresh tweed jacket.

As lead designer for Another Country - a contemporary furniture company - we had to capture Marie in her rather 'zen' working environment.

And the adorable company pooch, Lady Wicklow, kept us company and cajoled us into a few games of fetch, too.

Last up we meandered down Marylebone Lane to Paul Rothe & Son, an amazing deli and cafe with a wonderful old school feel.

Definitely time for a cup of tea, we piled in, shot Marie sat at the Sixties canteen-style tables and marvelled at the shelves stacked with every kind of jam you could possibly imagine.

Then we checked over the shots and called it a wrap. Or c'est fini - as Marie proclaimed!

Stay tuned for more London Lives on the blog and part two of the shoot coming soon.