As London Collections: Men AW15 springs into action, we asked blogger, Youtube personality and menswear influencer, Jim Chapman, to tell us what he'll be wearing to the shows, what is inspiring him this season and his favourite anecdotes from LC:M. Read on to discover Jim's thoughts on style. Keep up with all of LC:M’s most stylish developments by returning to the blog and following #ReissLive on Instagram @reissfashion and on Twitter at @reiss.

Jim wears: the Toulon navy suede bomber jacket, the Brussels grey honeycomb knit jumper, the Bronze white Aston collar shirt, the Avenger slim-fit checked navy trousers

What will you be wearing to the shows and how do you decide what you will wear?

I think this season, I will mix it up a bit more. Last LC:M, my outfits were very tailored, but this time around I’d like to throw in a few more casual looks too.

As for how I decide, I try not to overthink it. I usually wake up in the morning and put on whatever I think is appropriate and I feel comfortable in.

What are the most important items that you can’t live without during LC:M?

My most important item is definitely a coat. I usually walk between shows so I need something I can slip on and off easily but also something which makes an impact.

Which show will be the highlight of your LC:M schedule?

For me, the Burberry show is always my favourite. It’s much more than just the clothes. It’s set in an amazing location, there is live music and a really incredible atmosphere.

Jim wears the Avenger slim-fit checked navy trousers and the Rossi brown monk strap leather shoes

Whose LC:M style do you admire and why?

At the moment, I'm a big fan of Eddie Redmayne. He is effortlessly cool.

What is your favourite part of LC:M?

I have some friends that I will only get a chance to see a few times a year, and LC:M is usually one of those times. Getting a chance to see familiar faces is always an added bonus.

Between shows, where do you hang out?

I’ll either be back at my flat, eating. Or, if there isn't enough time, in the nearest restaurant/coffee shop, eating.

What has inspired your LC:M styling for this season?

I get inspired by so much. I'm constantly taking pictures of things I've seen in magazines or screenshots of looks I've come across online. This sounds obvious, but my main influence is always the weather. It’s important that my outfits look great, but they also have to be practical.

What is your favourite anecdote from a LC:M party?

Myself, and the people I spend time with at the parties are not very rock’n’roll, so unfortunately I don’t have anything particularly wild to share. I do remember one season being at a party that was underground though. The air conditioning had stopped working half an hour before the event started, resulting in a basement that was getting warmer and warmer. London’s most fashionable people were all looking a little hot under the collar. The waiters resorted to wandering around with buckets of ice for people to take handfuls of!

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