It's hard for us Brits not to always refer to the weather, but this fashion week it's been a constant focal point - we've experienced rain, shine, wind and even hail stones! Presenting the challenge of what to wear, follow these rules and you'll win - whatever weather.

1. Wear a hat

Baseball or equestrian-inspired hats follow a sports luxe theme, while trilbies or a floppy fedora never fall out of style.

2. Don't forget your coat

An obvious one, but if you keep it light and bright (or a mac would be perfect) you won't be cowering for shelter if the heavens open.

3. Don't wear sensible shoes

Super sensible shoes have no place at fashion week, so wear something semi-practical and you'll be fine. Opt for snazzy courts over peeptoes.

4. Embrace wet hair

It was a big hit on the Prada runway and we've spotted quite a few wet dos this fashion week. An elegant plait is perfect no hassle hair.

5. Travel as a pack

Safety in numbers works. If you're going to get soaked you might as well do it as a collective (and hopefully someone else will have packed an umbrella...).

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