It came, it conquered, and now it's over; London Collections: Men was a brief yet extremely well-dressed three days for the capital, and through it we learned some vital menswear lessons to take cues from.

Head up your outfit with a hat. Fedora, bowler, baseball cap or pork pie, everywhere we turned, no stylish man's outfit was complete without a hat. Not just aesthetically pleasing, hats are the perfect way to fend off petulant raindrops.

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Style comes in sevens. Decked head-to-toe in Reiss, style collective - The Sartorial 7 -  made their stylish assault on day one of London Collections: Men. Their presence was keenly felt thanks to their stellar sartorial efforts which offered up intriguing restylings of some of our favourite menswear pieces.


Colour is apt for all seasons. Traditional advice says that colour is the preserve of the sunnier months. Sometimes we beg to differ. The runways were awash with punches of bright colour, the ideal aesthetic antithesis the winter blues (or blacks).

Loafers are still the shoe of the season. Worn sans socks in the summer or with socks when it's cooler, it's hard to deny the trans-seasonal appeal of a pair of rakish loafers. Invest now and wear all year long. For this look to a pair made with the utmost reverence to quality and craftsmanship, such as the Culross pair in tan.

Black out your outfit. Head-to-toe black was one of the most popular trends we observed on the ground at the shows. Small textural variations provide outfit intrigue, think smartly tailored for a grown-up take on this look.

Dress for the weather. Unsurprisingly when we ventured to LC: M we were met with dour skies, with only the occasional stream of sunshine peeping through the clouds for respite. However, this presented the sartorial opportunity to wear the most fashionable practical layers fathomable. Every cloud...