With new store launches, weekly fashion shoots and plans in place for Fashion Week, there’s a lot to talk about here at Reiss. To let you in on the action and give you an inside insight into everything from exclusive product launches to footage from behind the doors of our HQ, we’ve joined Snapchat


On Tuesday 16th August, we’ll be taking to the streets of New York to bring you real-time footage of the launch of our newest store at Westfield World Trade Center. Expect snaps of our favourite hotspots, tips on where best to refuel and shots of the stunning Oculus building where it’s all set to take place.

Follow us using these three easy steps:

1. Download the Snapchat app

2. Add us by searching ‘ReissFashion’ or screengrab the image above and scan our snapcode

3. Stay tuned for exclusive updates, behind the scenes action and a sneak peek of life as it happens inside Reiss HQ.

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