Know your collars


Collars have taken an interesting turn this season and have become quite the focal point for our AW12 shirts. From collar bars, to contrast colours and button-downs, a simple cut-away collar will do no more. Here's a few of our favourites.

Contrast collars have a very business-like feel, but also add a crisp flash of brightness to your look. Our Jennings or Raptor shirts instantly smarten a tired suit.

Button-downs also feature heavily, with sharp, pointed collar tips adding an air of authority. Try our Ambrose oxford shirt for size.

While the collar everyone in the Reiss office is sporting this seasonĀ  is the curved Penny collar, with Twenties-inspired polished nickel bar, of course. Our Boston shirt in a choice of pink or blue is a must-buy.

Not forgetting the classics, Grandad collars always hold their own in a man's wardrobe. Our Taylor shirt will do nicely.

And, even the casual jersey shirt has a formal twist, with button-down collars smartening-up the Dime.

And for real collar geeks... go to town!