Kids Co Interns: Meet Ben


In last week's Grazia, we launched our Reiss/Kids Co. Internship scheme – an initiative between Reiss, Kids Company and Grazia which sees four young people from challenging backgrounds gain a role as a Reiss intern across our press, visual merchandising, womenswear accessory design and menswear design departments. We were lucky enought to grab exclusive chats with Grazia Editor-In-Chief, Jane Bruton and Kids. Co. founder, Camila Batmanghelidjh last week, and now it's time to meet the first of our four interns – Chikara, Charlene, Ben and Albin. Ben, who's working  in menswear design, has answered our fast fashion Q&A, along with his mentor, Jennifer Allen. Check out their answers! You can follow their progress here and at Grazia Daily, and look out for #KidsCoInterns updates on twitter.

Ben's Q&A:

Who is your fashion icon?

I would have to say my fashion icons are my dad - because when he was younger he was so fashion forward - and also Tinie Tempah. His style is really cool and urban, yet still very high fashion.

What is your favourite thing to wear at the moment?

My favourite thing to wear at the moment is my Mickey Mouse ring. It’s big, gold and I love it.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I like to draw my inspiration from the world around me - from the way the sunlight hits a rose petal or the brick work on an old church.

What would your dream job in fashion be?

My dream job in fashion would be to have a working fashion line with high end stockists, and being able to show each fashion week.

What are you most looking forward to during your internship?

I’m really looking forward to the buys while I’m here, hopefully I’ll get to design something that can go into them. I really want David [Reiss] to see what I can do. Working with Jennifer is great because she has been through it all before - from being an intern to working with the menswear design team. It gives me hope that it can happen.

Jen's Q&A:

Who is your fashion icon?

I admire my mum’s confidence in mixing styles as she pleases but always with a bohemian edge. I really love that natural, easy yet very exciting and creative look!

What is your favourite thing to wear at the moment?

I’m loving my ankle strap wedge espadrilles for their easy, wear-with-anything appeal, but also for their practical comfort!

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I love drawing inspiration from odd/unique second hand and vintage finds. From books and jewellery to furniture – and, more obviously, clothing!

What would be your dream job in fashion?

I’m really enjoying what I’m doing now, which fulfils many dreams I already had, but I’d love to progress to being a designer who is responsible for a specific category or line. Somewhere where I can really immerse myself in all the possibilities, and see through the creative process from start to finish. I’d love to experience travelling to see suppliers and putting designs into work, exploring different techniques and styles.

What are you most looking forward to during your mentorship?

I’m looking forward to learning about my intern’s experiences, interests and dreams, helping him to home in on his skills and to express himself in a way that will carry him forward into his future career.