Just the jacket


With the weather outside refusing to play along with our hopes of a sun-soaked wardrobe, there's only one thing for it, we must improvise, sartorially. While we may not be able to dance through the streets in our finest summer dresses, we can indulge in some pretty nifty outerwear to temper the current climate and our need for fashion newness. Temperatures are just about warm enough to warrant ditching the winter coat, but we need a suitable replacement to take over... The Cassidy cocoon coat

This Sixties-inspired coat does exactly as you'd imagine. Enveloping your look, it provides almost as much cover as your winter coat but in a lighter fashion. The shorter length and wrist-baring sleeves make it stylish and seasonal.

A tried-and-tested classic, this lightweight throw-on isn't bulky, so won't take up space if you need to de-robe in rare bursts of sunshine. It allows for layering when required and although keeps you warm, never leads to overheating.

A great option on smarter days, a tailored blazer will nip and flare in all the right places for a snappy silhouette. For an on-trend option, go double-breasted or stick to slimming one-button styles for style longevity.

Easy-going and really relaxed, an open jacket is usually silky, loose and a little bit floppy. Sitting perfectly over your outfit on days where you're unsure of the weather, you can slip it off as easily as you slipped it on.