This summer sees the launch of a host of new Reiss stores across the globe, and today it’s Nice, France that has been added to our portfolio. To find out more about the inspiration behind the store concept and take a closer look at how the sketches turned into a reality, we spoke with the d-raw architect behind the creation, Dorrien Hopley. Visit the store at Boite No J5, 137 Avenue des Alpes. Cagnes Sur Mer, 06800 Visit the Nice store page Learn more about our in-store career opportunities

What initially inspired the concept of the store design?

Within the Reiss store space, we aimed to recreate the sleek aesthetic of a Parisian showroom and wanted to welcome a sense of calm. We used the title ‘The Sculpture Garden’ as a starting point and drew inspiration from the natural world, adding plant life to balance the clean lines of the architecture. The result is a luxurious environment with a nod to nature.

How does the interior reflect the Reiss design aesthetic?

A design-led aesthetic is at the heart of the Reiss brand and that’s what we try to re-create within the stores. There is a certain continuity to each of the interiors, with clean lines and a fresh overall aesthetic remaining prominent throughout, and this modern approach reflects that of both the men’s and women’s collections.

Are there any features that continue through from existing stores?

The materials palette has been created from scratch to be entirely unique to the store. There is, of course, a certain sleekness to the aesthetic that runs between stores, but we look to create something entirely new for each Reiss location so that it has its own identity.

What has been designed specifically for the Nice store?

The most stand-out feature is probably the layers of driftwood that bring texture to the aesthetic and nod to the natural world, as mentioned previously. They reference the coastal location of the city. Greenery is also very apparent, with a number of mini terraces that create a relaxed atmosphere.