2016 has proven to be a year of continued global expansion for Reiss and today marks the launch of a further store opening, this time on New York’s iconic Madison Avenue. Much like the stores prior to this one, the architectural concept has been specifically designed with its location in mind, and whilst it stays true to the clean-cut aesthetic established at Reiss, there are elements that make each space completely unique. We look a little closer into what Dorrien Hopley of design agency, d-raw has created. Visit the Madison Avenue store page Learn more about our in-store career opportunities

Designed to mimic the glamour meets business-like cool of New York, the Madison Avenue store features a spacious, gallery-style interior with a statement installation screen at each corner. The mezzanine level overlooks the main space, adding to its vast impression, and there is a subtle section dedicated to the personal shopping service offered in store.

Minimalistic design attributes continue throughout, with sleek decorative features combining to achieve d-raw’s aim to; ‘exude drama at even the smallest brand touch points’ and even functional assets are considered in line with the overall aesthetic. Materials include marble as seen in multiple Reiss store interiors, as well as shaved granite and steel in rich shades of grey.

Interior concept sketches

Madison Avenue store floor plan

In-store materials selection