Reiss Live is back! Kicking things off on the other side of the Atlantic, New York Fashion Week starts today, so we've called upon one of our favourite NYC bloggers, Lisa Dengler of fashion blog Just Another Fashion Blog, to host our first guest blogger slot. Here, she shows us what she's wearing and talks us through her fashion week. Stay tuned as Lisa brings us her favourite street style looks and sends her full NYFW report later this week.  

Tell us a little bit about you and your blog

Hi, my name’s Lisa, and I’m Just Another Fashion Blog(ger). I started blogging for fun 3 years back because I enjoyed designing websites and it was a way to share my photography and the random thoughts floating around my head (even if I was the only one who actually read it). One thing led to another, and now blogging has become my career. As soon as I graduated from architecture, I ran away straight to New York, which I like to call 'blogger heaven'. Every day is different, every moment is fun and exciting, and it’s so incredible being constantly surrounded by people who have the same interests as I do. Blogging has really allowed me to discover who I am and who I want to become, and I feel so blessed that I have the possibility of doing these things that I love, on a daily basis.

What do you love most and least during fashion week?

I love the amount of inspiration found during fashion week, from the shows themselves, to what the attendees are wearing. It’s just so incredibly full of life! But then at the same time, there’s almost too much going on at times. Choosing which shows to see, and which you can’t, and then running around town to make them on time (only to end up waiting in line for a half hour anyways). I always find myself equally excited and equally exhausted during fashion week. But it’s always worth it!

What is you fashion week style?

I like orienting myself around the upcoming trends during fashion week, while keeping it very me. So this season, I’m very excited about graphic and dark florals, slogans, sheer, monochrome, statement coats, menswear-inspired looks, and oversized pieces, amongst a few others. Comfortable shoes and a giant carry-all bag is also a must. Then the cherry on top? A wide-brimmed hat!

What are your must-have pieces for SS14?

Slip-on sneakers, a floral graphic print jacket, a boxy sweater, a pant-suit, a bra-like top, chunky sandals, white everything and anything, a pair of wide-legged trousers (probably white), something mesh, something embellished, and something pastel.

Where did you shoot these pictures?

We took them outside the New York post office on 8th and 33rd! It's such a gorgeous building.

Lisa wears our Fray leather jacket, Bronson spotty shirt, Paris slim leg trousers and Jade asymmetric shoes.
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