We met Lisa of Just Another Fashion Blog at the start of New York Fashion Week when she showed us what she was wearing as well as her favourite street style looks, and now she's sharing her 'best bits'. From superb presentations to bumping into Olivia Palermo and ice skating at the Standard hotel, here they are.

New York Fashion Week is always such a crazy hectic time, jam-packed with endless amounts of inspiration, socializing, events, parties, you name it! It’s no wonder half of us are exhausted after only a few days, let alone a week. And it’s really no wonder I ended up catching the flu. This season, I tried to fit as much in as I could, from pulling from showrooms before fashion week started, to shows and presentations during fashion week and all those amazing parties.

Between running from the Lincoln Center to Milk to all the locations spread out around the city, there really wasn’t much time left for food, so it was more about grabbing snacks to eat on the go to make it through the day. Which meant, yes, at least one chocolate bar was eaten every day.

But food never ends up mattering anyways, because - the shows!! I actually preferred the presentations this year, because it was less about the whole circus act of being there and being important and more about the actual clothes.

My favourites had to be Coach and Alice+Olivia, all gorgeous clothes and all superbly well done. They weren’t those kind of go-in and go out presentations; you could’ve stayed there for hours, staring at the clothes, sipping on some champagne, and talking to your fellow bloggers about how much you wish you were wearing what was right in front of you.

Celebrities. I’m actually pretty horrible at noticing famous people. But I did walk right by Olivia Palermo, Anna Kendrick, Paris and Nicky Hilton - all such gorgeous ladies! I was just so surprised how close they were, as if they were real people. I could’ve reached out and touched them, and they probably wouldn’t have turned into dust, but I was always way too late noticing to take a photo.

And lastly, parties. Best part about fashion week parties? Partying without spending all the money. The most memorable party throughout the week had to be skating at the Standard Hotel with hot chocolate and belgian waffles. Such a fun break from the rest of the week! All in all, a great season. Now excuse me while I catch up on sleep and head to the south for a few days to warm up!

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