In need of some creative inspiration this weekend? Look no further than photographer Juergen Teller's latest exhibition, simply titled Woo! We headed over to the ICA last night to check out the exhibition in its opening week.

One of the most influential photographers of our time, Juergen Teller has been recognised by both the underground art scene and the world of commerical photography since the early 90s. Woo! takes you on a journey through the photographer's landmark work, featuring images of iconic celebrtities such as Kurt Cobain, Kate Moss and Vivienne Westwood.

We love how Teller manages to show a real side of his subjects that we rarely ever see. We're so used to seeing airbrushed celebrities in magazines that it feels really refreshing to see the rawness in Teller's work.

Juergen Teller: Woo! is showing at the ICA until the 17th of March. Free admission. Find out more on the ICA website.