It was across town to Chelsea's King's Road for a viewing of 'Jane & Serge' at Proud Chelsea where the fabled romance between British actress, Jane Birkin, and her French poet-singer-songwriter lover, Serge Gainsbourg, provided ripe inspiration for a brand new curation of photography.

'Jane at Blenheim, 8th August 1969'

Decades after its end in 1980, the turbulent yet unmistakably passionate affair between the English rose Jane Birkin and her eccentric - and fiercely creative - French lover, Serge Gainsbourg, continues to enthral and enrapture in equal measure.

While Jane's beauty was undeniable, so too was Serge's genius, and it is perhaps precisely this heady mix of aesthetic allure and raw ingenuity which makes for such an enduringly appealing subject matter today, as it did all those years ago too.

The romance - which spanned over a decade - spawned a child (the actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg), a scandalising song (Je t'aime... moi non plus), and of course, a ream of potent photography, the image of which burnt itself on to the retinas of a generation.

Housed in Proud Chelsea - which lies on West London's impossibly well-heeled King's Road - comes a new retrospective of their romance featuring intimate photographs taken at the height of the rapturous entanglement with Jane's brother, Andrew Birkin, at the camera's helm.

From the relationship's inception on the cusp of the 1970s to the twilight moments of this compelling coupling, Proud Chelsea's fresh insight into the relationship rattles through moments of passion and intimacy, but also candidly honest moments of normality and simplicity. A visual testament to a love lived to its fullest, 'Jane & Serge' is a must-see for its vivid portrayal of an era-defining romance. Below are just a fraction of the exhibition's finer moments.

'Jane & Serge' by Andrew Birkin, runs 11th September - 26th October 2014 at Proud Chelsea.

'Serge with Nana in Normandy, 1977'

'Jane & Serge watch the sunset in Oxford, 8th August 1969'

'Jane & Serge, 5th May 1969'

'Andrew and Jane, 12th April 1964'

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