Introducing our Reiss Girl in NYC


We’ve sent our coolest London girl to hipster New York to take on the Big Apple - and all it has to offer - in style. Follow her adventures and escapades every week, here on the Reiss blog, as well as on Twitter and Instagram @ReissGirlNYC. Sit back and enjoy the very first instalment of her story, fresh from New York City...

So I'm currently sat at the breakfast bar of my new home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, tapping away on my laptop feeling a ‘little’ like Carrie Bradshaw (strong emphasis on the word little).

Only my wardrobe is still in boxes back at Reiss HQ, and sadly doesn't compare in size or couture excellence to hers, and physically, she and I, we’re nothing alike!  Other than that…

So I've been in New York for exactly two weeks today and what a two weeks it’s been! Having lived here back in the early 2000s I was foolishly under the impression I'd slip back into the New York way of life with ease, how wrong one can be!

I started my journey off a dream; skipping around the city, taking long walks in central park, wining and dining in fancy places, basking in the sunshine and getting stuck into my new role at REISS NY … When all of sudden out of nowhere I couldn’t take the heat!

To cut a long story short, I’ve been caught in a couple of thunderstorms sans umbrella and had to embarrassingly schlep around the city clothes stuck to body, hair stuck to face - it seems in New York downpours happen whatever the weather … Beware of this, it's very deceiving and people will stare!

I took a cab ride to work only to find I’d left my wallet at my hotel. I was forced against my will to leave all of my belongings in the taxi, run up the street, fly into the local coffee house disrupting the morning peace and beg to borrow money to pay the fare!

The staff at Café Angelique now think I’m completely crazed and not just because I ask for English Breakfast tea as opposed to coffee twice daily!!

Oh, and did I mention the saga of locking my passport, camera, Ipad, Apple Mac, CHANEL bag, diamond necklace and earrings into a safe unable to get them out??

All in all my first 14 days have had their ups and downs, moving from one city to another isn’t as easy as it may seem!  Sadly I’m a lot further off becoming the glossy Olivia Palermo-esque New Yorker than I imagined but … I’m working on it, so bear with me!

If you do want to follow my trials, tribulations and all-important transformation you can do so either on Twitter or Instagram @ReissGirlNYC, as well as in my weekly column for the Reiss blog.

So ciao for now, till next week!