Cut through the copious amount of baby related updates and not so flattering pictures of food on Instagram and you'll find a precious few users who have turned potentially mind-numbing social media updates into an art form. Photographers, art directors, bloggers or just insanely talented ordinary folk, our list of Instagram accounts to follow for their visuals will make sure that your feed's magnificent to mundane ratio is skewed heavily in favour of the former. It's time to indulge in a spot of Instagram escapism.

Who: Mike Madrid & Gabriel García

Handle: @cupofcouple

Follow for: the world at your fingertips

Meticulously laid flat shots, sweeping landscapes, stellar staged shots (in the best possible way), there really is no end to the photographic skills of creative couple Mike Madrid & Gabriel García whose Instagram account sees them pop up in some of the world's most desirable destinations. It's your way to see the world without moving a muscle.

Who: Rich Stapleton

Handle: @rvstapleton

Follow for: the definitive example of how to do simplicity

Yes, there's plenty of debate about who did the whole modern minimalism 'thing' first, but there's no doubt about who does it the best - and shockingly, it's not a Scandinavian.

UK-based Rich Stapleton is Creative Director of the compendium of all things tasteful, Cereal Magazine. Achingly-cool, stylishly sparse and pared-back to with an inch of its life, Rich Stapleton's Instagram  account is the digital antithesis of all things bling.

Who: Will Taylor

Handle: @brightbazaar

Follow for: a heady hit of colour

Created in 2009 by Will Taylor, the Bright Bazaar blog - and subsequent Instagram account - is the visual equivalent of an interiors and travel journal crossed with holi festival.

Unashamedly vivid, turbo saturated and with a gentle peppering of men's style, we challenge even the most minimally-minded Instagram users not to get on board with this account's cheerfully optimistic outlook.

Who: Alexander Atkins

Handle: @mressentialist

Follow for: an orderly vision of a life lived stylishly

Don't try to put Instagrammer and menswear blogger Alexander Atkins into a box. All you need to know is that when it comes to capturing the world at its most pin-sharp and orderly, there are a few better qualified.

A neat-freak's dream, the Mr Essentialist Instagram feed is all perfectly placed newspapers, spotless bathroom interiors and on point outfits. Basically, it's the blueprint for how every style-conscious man would like his life to look.

Who: Jonathan Lo

Handle: @happymundane

Follow for: the everyday seen in a new light

If, like us, your default sky colour isn't sky blue but rather sky grey, then you'll be happy to take retina-searingly bright skies wherever you can.

Founded by Creative Director & blogger, Jonathan Lo, Happymundane is a feed dedicated to the everyday - think plant pots, pavements, architecture and brickwork - rendered in a pigment-heavy palette. Mundane this account is certainly not. Now, if only Vitamin D could be imparted digitally...

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