Not so much the film itself, but the La Dolce Vita vibe has certainly had an influence over our womenswear collection this season. The 1960 comedy-drama written and directed by Federico Fellini has a glamorous aesthetic which appealed to our design team.  

Although many of our inspirations are Riviera-focussed and La Dolce Vita was actually filmed in Rome, the underlying cafe culture theme and its style is what strikes a chord.

Anita Ekberg's iconic Trevi fountain scene is what the film is probably best known for, but the voluptuous Swedish actress actually only features in the first half of the three-hour classic.

Channelling late '50s early Sixties style, the feminine silhouettes, drama, glamour and sharp suits are so perfect that the film was awarded an Oscar for its costume design.

Much of our SS14 collection unlocks these Fifties-fuelled shapes and styling, so La Dolce Vita is an obvious reference point in a season where all things glamorous are celebrated.

Read more about our inspirations with our Golden Era of the Riviera post and shop our SS14 Collection.