We take a closer look at the inspirations behind this season's stylish menswear collection. From fabrics to hues, you'll be surprised to find out how much was drawn from the colourful illustrations found in Czech illustrator Miroslav Sasek's children's books...

For our AW13 menswear collection, the design team was inspired by the way children’s books simplify grown-up situations with a playful approach. Attention was turned to the life and works of Czech illustrator, Miroslav Sasek – particularly his This Is series between 1916 and 1980. This delightful, amplified take on landmarks and life itself greatly influenced the sophisticated yet light-hearted approach to the collection.

This quirky illustration of a gentleman leaving a Barber Shop from Sasek's book This is New York inspired our design team to create our navy Bishopsgate suit in bright blue.

The dapper dad pictured here from This is London also influenced our design team when it came to working on blue suits for AW13.

Another colourful illustration from This is London, this quirky portrayal of passengers waiting for a train on the London Underground inspired many of our AW13 overcoats. From Hudson to Governor (which is coming soon), many of our stylish pieces of outerwear grew from the sartorial seeds in this picture.

Another of the illustrations found in This is London, our design team love how this man has put his layers together; a mix and match of separates in different colours and fabrics. As well as this styling technique, the gent's trousers inspired our Bert trousers in grey.

Finally, although we're heading into the colder months, our design team drew some of the inspiration for the more transitional aspects of the collection from Sasek's bright and breezy This is Venice book.

The design team also love the effortless approach of Italian style, which can be seen in many of these quirky illustrations, as well as ultimately much of what can be found in our AW13 collection.

The idea of travel which Sasek incorporated into his work also inspired the 'Journeyman' aspect of the AW13 men's collection. Focused more on the journey itself than the eventual destination, find out more about the Journeyman before shopping the trend.