East Londoner, Perri Shakes-Drayton, is a 400 metre hurdler and part of Team GB. Perri is tipped for medal at London 2012 and we'll all be cheering her on when she competes later this week. Growing up just a stone's throw from the Olympic stadium, we caught up with Perri and asked what she loves about our capital and where her favourite city hangouts are.

London is a stylish city because...

It caters for every person's taste in style. Whatever you're into; whether it's retro, simple, classy, cheap, expensive or bizarre, you'll have no worries finding what you love in London.

My favourite place in London is...

It's hard to decide as I have a few. Sloane Square for its classy but not too 'in your face' wealth, Camden for its uniqueness and Shoreditch for its vibeĀ  - especially on a Sunday.

Perri will be competing in the women's 400 metre hurdles this Sunday 5th August from 7pm.