Stone, grey, cream, off-white (or just plain white) we think light trousers get an unjustly bad rap. Yes, light trousers come with that nagging need for extreme caution, but then again so does the white shirt and that’s filed under ‘wardrobe item I cannot live without’ for the majority of men. Southwards on the body though, it seems that the palest shades are not so welcome. It’s not just caution that keeps light trousers from claiming their spot on menswear’s must-have list, they’re regarded with a degree of sartorial suspicion, not only supposedly impractical, but almost universally unflattering to boot. We’re breaking rank and arguing the case for always keeping light trousers at the forefront of your mind when dressing. Whether you're just about to pack yours away or are unsure whether or not to invest, we urge you to consider their all-year-round appropriateness.



No prizes for guessing when light trousers feel most relevant. Summer, obviously. So if you’re feeling brave enough go for the lightest shade you can find (although it goes without saying that stark white is better suited to those with a tan). Most men’s apprehension about wearing white trousers stems from a desire not to look like an extra from Saturday Night Fever, so to minimise risk, tend towards a slim cut.

Then keep things simple. White trousers are a statement so a navy Cuban collar shirt, penny loafers and a pair of sunglasses are all that you’ll need.



Forest green, brown, plum and grey, all shades welcomed in a man’s wardrobe when autumn arrives, and luckily all perfect partners for the the lightest shades. Those stone chinos that have served you so well all summer long will go just as well with autumn’s subdued shades as they have done with Breton stripes and polo shirts.

The easiest route to AW16 approved style for your light trousers is through pairing them with shades of grey. A pale grey knit or a charcoal jacket will instantly take them from summer classic to fresh autumn essential.



For most, the mere mention of light trousers brings to mind sticky heat and leisurely summer days, but when paired with a hefty dose of black, they’re a sartorial no-brainer for winter too.

There’s a reason that black and white remain one of the most endlessly appealing combinations, and it’s more than just a case of opposites attracting. If nailing the perfect outfit is a matter of balance, then it stands to reason that wearing black and white together is a good idea. Add a black knit, a black overcoat and some black trainers or boots to a pair of light trousers and you’ve got yourself a winter-appropriate look that feels simultaneously subdued and fresh.

For a less stark look, pair your light trousers with deepest shades of navy.



Spring is a time of new beginnings, and if you’ve spent all winter long swathed in a uniform of black, navy and grey, then light trousers offer the perfect opportunity to transition from sombre uniformity to a fresher outlook.

The beauty of wearing light trousers in spring is their ability to pair with this notoriously temperamental season’s wide array of wardrobe options. If the sun is struggling to break through a sea of grey, then light trousers can easily be worn with a laid-back crew-neck sweatshirt and sports luxe sneakers. Alternatively, if the weather’s a little fairer then opt for a chambray shirt and loafers.

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