We all know how the story goes. Every year, the office Christmas party comes around fast and the predicament of deciding what to wear occurs once again. When it comes to picking your outfit, it’s all about getting the balance right. You don’t want to come across boring, just as much as you don’t want to appear unprofessional. Here are our top three tips on mastering the art of looking amazing (and appropriate) at your Christmas party.

1. Refined is Fine

No matter your profession, the safest bet to dressing for your Christmas party is to keep your outfit on the conservative side. A tailored dark suit in either black or grey would be the ideal choice; team with black shoes, pocket square and a polka dot tie to give your look an added spark. We suggest Blackwood in black, Matilda in navy, Waverley in black and Toronto in black.

2. Make a Statement

If you feel like dressing a bit more boldly at your Christmas party, try opting for a blazer in a bright colour or with eye-catching texture. Shore in rose is the perfect bright blazer for the festive season, while Lighthouse in grey has terrific texture. If you fancy making a style statement with both colour and texture, then Lighthouse in green is definitely the blazer for you.

3. Button Up

Don’t underestimate the power of the perfect coat for your Christmas party, as this piece will put the final touches of style onto your look. Greatstone in rose is an eye-catching, 1920s-inspired design with an uplifting hue that’s perfect for the party season. For a chic and sophisticated approach, reach for Prince in black. This coat’s faux-fur collar gives it a luxurious feel that will look great worn over a tailored suit.