L.A. legend: The Chateau Marmont


The Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles has a star-studded history laced with Hollywood scandal. Playground of the stars since becoming a hotel in 1931, the Chateau's legacy is well-earned. Situated on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, 'The Chateau', as it's affectionately known, boasts an impressive guest book.

With guests like Elizabeth Taylor to Lindsay Lohan, and Clark Gable to Keanu Reeves, the Chateau is home to many a Hollywood tale.

And, as Harry Cohn, founder of Colombia Pictures, famously once said; "If you're going to get in trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont", and many have certainly followed his advice...

A few of our favourite Chateau trouble makers:

James Dean hopped through a window at the Chateau to audition for his role in Rebel Without A Cause.

Led Zeppelin drove their Harley Davidsons through the hotel lobby to cheer guests.

Vivienne Leigh, plastered every surface of her suite with pictures of her estranged husband, Laurence Olivier.

Jim Morrison used up what he tagged as "the eighth of my nine lives" at the Chateau when he hurt his back dangling from a drain pipe and falling onto a shed trying to swing from the roof to his window.


A well-known retreat, the stars have always treated the Chateau as a home-from-home.

Greta Garbo stayed at the Chateau during her infamous seclusion period, not leaving her room for days. Lindsay Lohan lived there for nearly two and half years following her arrest for drunk driving and Elizabeth Taylor took Montgomery Cliff to the Chateau to recuperate from a car accident.

There's even a few ghosts floating within its walls; John Belushi overdosed in one of the Chateau's garden bungalows and Helmut Newton crashed in its driveway.

F Scott Fitzgerald even suffered a heart attack there (although he escaped unscathed).

It's not all doom and gloom though, some guests took full advantage of the glamorous clientele. Cheeky film producer, Howard Hughes, moved into the attic and used prism binoculars to spy on women in the pool area. And rumour has it that Clark Gable and Jean Harlow enjoyed romatic trysts at the Chateau.

And most recently, the Chateau was the setting for Sofia Coppola's film, Somewhere, starring Stephen Dorff.


Something of an inspiration for our menswear design team thanks to its legendary location, this stylish film encapsulates that old school Hollywood feeling which is unmistakable the moment you walk up the winding driveway to L.A.'s most infamous hotel.

What might you get up to at the Chateau Marmont...?