Fashion fanatics and movie buffs alike have been making their way to the Victoria & Albert Museum this autumn to capture a little slice of Hollywood glamour, thanks to its latest exhibition; Hollywood Costume. Exploring the central role costume plays in cinema storytelling, it brings together hundreds of costumes worn by much-loved characters, in much-loved films, from Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz to Holly Golilghtly in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Split into three acts moving through three different galleries, the exhibition guides you through the journey each 'costume' takes.

Act 1: Deconstruction

This opening gallery shows us how the costume designer develops a character, taking them from script to screen. Research is a huge part of this creative process to discover 'who' the character is and what they should wear. Here you'll find case studies including sketches, research and a break down of costumes from movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Fight Club and The Adams Family.

Act 2: Dialogue

The next gallery explores the relationship between the costume designer and filmmakers, as well as the actors themselves. With specially-comissioned interviews, actors such as Meryl Streep and Robert de Niro provide insight into the 'coming to life' aspect costume brings to character. While an in-depth look at Alfred Hitchcock's, The Birds, demonstrates the collaboration between the director himself and legendary costume designer, Edith Head, over the green suit famously worn by Tippi Hedren.

Act 3: Finale

The final gallery is a celebration of Hollywood heroes, villains and femme fatales, where you get to feast your eyes on some iconic silver screen costumes. From Dick Tracy to Batman and jaw-dropping frocks like Holly Golightly's Givenchy and that green dress worn by Keira Knightley in Atonement, you score an up-close look at costumes with a greater appreciation of  how these wonderful clothes help shape our favourite films.

Hollywood Costume at the V&A Museum is on until 27th January, but book now - spaces are limited!