As the four day weekend approaches and it becomes acceptable to start discussing summer getaways, we talk to blogger travel expert, Isabella Thorsden, about how best to pack for a short trip away. Here, she takes to the picturesque location of Santorini, complete with  the Reiss X Steamline luggage case Head to Isabella's blog to see her post.

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What are your top 3 travel must-haves?

Firstly, I always make sure I have a good quality suitcase with wheels – the more functional the better. It helps to make travel as easy as possible. For this trip I used the Reiss X Steamline luggage case and it was both practical and stylish so it ticked every box. I pack a cross-body bag or a shopper for valuables. Inside, I keep all the usual essentials; my passport, boarding card and wallet, and I always make space for my professional camera, my laptop and any precious jewellery – I don’t know what I’d do if any of these things went missing. Lastly, I consider a comfortable travel look an absolute must-have. My number one rule is never to wear a new pair of shoes. Instead, go for something you know you’re likely to use during the trip as well so they serve a double purpose.

What are your in-flight essentials?

Good headphones and a new playlist on my phone top the list, a little notebook for jotting down any blog post ideas or content and a good book. I always take a spare jumper with me on the plane because it gets so cold. For this trip I took the Austen jumper as it’s super cosy but also a nice neutral hue. Nuts and fruit are my go-to snack and if I’m on a long flight I always take a refreshing spray, face wipes and some powder for my skin.

Are you a planner or a last minute packer?

I have to admit, because I’m so busy and often have a shoot the day before, it can feel a bit last minute sometimes. The last few years I’ve really had to step up my game, though. I’m a full time blogger now and that means I need to have everything planned before I go.

I know it sounds a bit old fashioned but I’m a big fan of writing lists. I’ll jot down everything I need to pack and always have a notebook with me incase I think of something to add whilst I’m out and about. Everything makes its way on there, from passport and chargers to clothing and work essentials.

When it comes to clothing for a work trip, I always make sure I try on all the looks at home before I pack them. I plan which pieces go together which means I make sure everything I take is versatile. Then I take pictures of them on so that when I’m away I can just refer to these images and don’t have to start from scratch again. It saves such a lot of time and it means that I know exactly how many looks I have with me. When I arrive I can look out for locations that suit specific outfits.

What would you typically take away with you for a long weekend and how does it differ by location?

No matter where I’m going, I always pack comfy shoes, jeans, basic tops, a collection of jewellery, a cross-body bag or a shopper and my camera. Other than that, it’s really weather dependant. For Santorini I took a selection of daytime and evening outfits, and of course swimwear. For travel and downtime I wore the grey Reiss Moxie joggers which were so comfortable and super-soft as they are made from wool and cashmere.

How do you make sure you pack smart if you’re limited on space?

Planning my looks before I pack has helped me so much. Before I started doing this I used to try and pack everything – I would suddenly decide that something I hadn’t worn in years was going to be perfect on holiday, but it really doesn’t work like that. Those items never even made it out of the case and I was always struggling with luggage allowance. Now I know that three pairs of shoes is enough and can translate to every look and I make sure I only pack items that I know I love and will definitely wear. I’ve also found it helps to really sort out your make-up and beauty products. Is it necessary to bring big bottles of shampoo and conditioner when you can get the mini sizes or use the products at the hotel? It’s the little changes that have saved me over the years.

What are your top tips for making multiple outfits out of minimal pieces?

For me, it’s all about the planning. Try things on at home and make sure that the shoes you pack actually go with your looks. Add denim shorts, basic tops and statement sunglasses if you’re going somewhere sunny and maintain a neutral palette through your accessories collection – think nude, grey, black and white – as these colours will go with anything. For this trip, I took the Reiss Arizona dress which is so versatile. I could wear it with a jumper, slippers and a fedora during the day or dress it up for evening.

What is your number one SS16 buy that you think everyone should take on a weekend break with them?

SS16 for me is all about lightweight, floaty fabrics in simple silhouettes. A silky slip-on dress is a must-have for summer – you can wear it as intended or tuck it into a pair of shorts and style it as a top. Then add some cool mules and you have a completely different look.