Norwegian blogger, Hilde Kristiansen, fills us in on her favourite places to Eat, Drink, Sleep, Shop, See and Explore in Oslo. Don't forget to check out her brilliant blog, Denoto, too.


For Indian, I go to Village Tandoori which is in Bygdøy Allè on the west side of town. The west side is the more "posh" side of Oslo, and they have some nice restaurants there.

I also love Colosseum Sushi & Wok, where the sushi is great, and the salmon so fresh it melts in your mouth.


For a glass of wine, or even just a cup of tea, I always go to an area called Grünerløkka. It's a laid back area with plenty of cafès, bars and restaurants. This neighborhood is Oslo's little version of Marais in Paris.

Especially in spring and summer Grünerløkka is packed with life, and the cafès line up the outdoor tables on the sidewalks. It's not easy to find a table, but my girlfriends and I usually just walk down the street and when we see a table we sit down. The most popular place in that part of Town is probably Villa Paradiso, an Italian pizza restaurant, where they have amazing pizza and lovely Prosecco.

I also have my favourite tea shop on a corner in Günerlløkka, called Palais des Thès.


The Grand Hotel is a pretty nice place to stay in Oslo. I've never slept there myself, but I've used the spa, which is a little piece of heaven in the middle of Oslo.


I like to do shopping in the city centre. For Scandinavian brands I like the Acne flagship store, and also Filippa K which is right next door.

Nearby there's a small shopping centre called Eger where they have several luxury brands, and my favourite department Høyer Trend where you'll find all the cool designers.


Obviously we are very proud of the new Opera in Oslo, and it is definitely both original and spectacular.

You don't get the genius in the architecture before you enter the building though, you can walk on the roofs and the view from there is great. That building is very inspiring!

Also, I love the Munch Museum. The Norwegian artist left most of his work to the city of Oslo, and a visit to the museum always inspires me.

Right next to the museum is one of the most beautiful places in Oslo, The Botanical Gardens. I love to go there and just relax and look at all the flowers. In May the trees are in bloom, and it just looks incredible.


What makes Oslo such a unique city is that we have a lot of nature. A half an hour walk from the city centre is the nearest forest called Ekeberg. From the height up there you can see the entire city, and in summer I often go up there with my dog and we watch the sun go down and cover Oslo in gold.

I also love the fjord, from the city you can take little ferries that goes to the small islands. It's a great way to get away, and maybe take a swim (if you're a Viking that is).