From New York to Paris with a pitstop in Hollywood, the Man Ray exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery focuses on the artist's career from 1916 to 1968, showcasing some of his best-known portraits of famous faces, fellow artists, muses and lovers.

Displaying over 150 vintage prints from one of the key Dada and Surrealist artists, the exhibition highlights Man Ray’s use of revolutionary photographic techniques and early experiments with colour.

Forging creative and personal collaborations, Man Ray's most famous portraits are from when he partnered up with beautiful women; like photographer and model, Lee Miller and muse and lover, Kiki de Montparnasse. In fact, most of his subjects comprised of contemporaries, celebrities, friends and lovers; from fellow artists like Pablo Picasso to Kiki, Lee and the actresses Catherine Deneuve and Ava Gardner.

The exhibition weaves through three main rooms taking you in chronological order from New York to Paris to Hollywood and back to Paris again, demonstrating the work which took place in these locations at these times.

Running until the end of the month at the National Portrait Gallery, Man Ray Portraits is a must-see.