Your instagram feed was filled with palm trees, impossible sunsets, boho babes and a huge ferris wheel over the weekend thanks to America's most fashionable festival, Coachella. Today, we hear from our festival-goer and guest blogger, Gregory of Downtown Dava, as he tells us of pool parties, Katy Perry and festival good vibes. Curb your jealousy if you can for five minutes, read on and wish your way there.

Oh Coachella, time after time you make and you break me. After a jam-packed weekend of live music, parties and all things bohemian - I'm back at my desk dealing with reality and fighting a serious case of the Monday blues. This year's festival was especially epic as being (somewhat) on the other side of the lense was a really fun change of pace. It afforded me the opportunity to view the festival from an outside perspective, and you know, hang out with Katy Perry. Read on to see how I got on.

Gregory wears our Bless t-shirt and Miami trousers.

Taking in the desert sun at the festival - 103 degrees never felt so good.

 Gregory wears our Harrington shirt and Ditora swim shorts. 

One of the most amazing moments at Coachella was seeing Lana Del Rey perform. I got to the outdoor stage two hours before her set to ensure I got a good seat and begged one of the photographers on the other side of the barricade to take a picture with my camera.

My favorite party of the weekend was the Soho House Coachella pop up at the Merv Griffin estate, it was the perfect secluded getaway when the festival got too hot. Soho is notorious for its strict photography policy so I had to sneak this shot. I can tell you however, the property was jaw-dropping and there were enough truffle burgers to feed a small country.

Mid-century moment at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.

Gregory wears our Fernando shirt and Aspley trousers.

Quick snap outside the Harper's Bazaar Poolside Fete.

Gregory wears our Field stripe tee and 1971 St. Tropez trousers.

Another epic Coachella moment was hanging out with Katy Perry at the Harper's Bazaar Poolside Fete. Katy was a total doll and the epitome of down to earth - she even told me my bum looked cute in the 1971 St. Tropez trousers I was wearing!

The ultimate festival babes: DJ Mia Moretti and stylist Cleo Wade.

Perry in Tee Pee.

Even mother nature made an appearance at the festival with a massive sand storm on Saturday.

Avoiding heatstroke at the Lacoste L!VE desert pool party.

Gregory wears our Platinum polo shirt and 1971 St. Tropez trousers.

One of the best things about Coachella, is the surplus of good vibes and positive energy - a total breeding ground for new friends! I loved meeting fellow bloggers Freddy Rodriguez and Natalie Suarez at the Lacoste L!VE Desert Pool Party.

A huge thanks to Gregory for reporting from Coachella 2014 and to Robert Terrazas for capturing all the action exclusively for us.