We are endlessly inspired by the whole multitude of ways one can dress for winter, with layering and outerwear adding a whole new dimension to the winter wardrobe. To that end, see how Dutch fashion blogger Tlnique (aka Levi Nguyen) ensures that she stays looking her stylish best when temperatures take a tumble.

How would you describe your signature style?

I always say that I aim for versatile chic with a twist of uniqueness; I’d describe my style as effortless but also easy to wear.  It's all about finding the right balance.

What are the three most important items in your winter wardrobe?

Gloves to prevent my fingers from freezing off, my parka that I have for ages (when temperature goes below zero you won't see me wearing anything else) and a XXL jumper, whether it's mine or my boyfriend's. Who doesn't love a cozy oversized jumper?

Comfort, chicness, or both?

If you can get two for one, why not both?! It's funny because a lot of people I know have this certain image around the term 'chic'; we're talking high heels, elegant dresses, beautiful hair, but it doesn't have to be that way. I think someone can look very chic too wearing a trenchcoat with a pair of trainers. Plus it's comfortable too! I think chicness and comfort goes really well together, you just have to find the right mix!

How does your beauty regime change during the winter?

To be honest, I don't really have a specific beauty regime at all.  All I use is Nivea creme and that's pretty much it, no special treatment or expensive moisturizer to keep my skin healthy. I do make sure I get some extra vitamins during winter and drink a lot of water!

Which AW14 trends are you currently wearing?

Turtlenecks, I've been literally living in them for the past few weeks, and a timeless camel coat. I love how both are so trending right now as they have been my favourite winter pieces for so many years!

Levi wears the Julia navy trench coat

What do you look for in the perfect winter coat/jacket?

It should keep me warm, obviously. And I repeat, v-e-r-y warm. I'm not really brave when it comes to braving the cold.

Talk us through your outfit styling?

I've picked my winter must-haves and styled them into easy-to-wear outfits. They’re the timeless winter-wardrobe pieces every girl should have in their wardrobe; a tailored trench coat (I picked navy for a change ), an oversized roll neck jumper, a soft-to-the-touch scarf, an envelope party clutch (because it’s the most festive month of the year) and a pair of studded ankle booties.

Whose cold weather style do you admire?

Not really a particular person; but I love the 'off duty' looks from models such as Liu Wen, Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner just to name a few. They all somehow manage to rock this awesome minimal laid-back yet sexy look.


What are you wearing for the end-of-year’s social occasions?

Although I've been telling myself not to it's probably going to be something black. But oh well, black will always be the new black right?

When do you feel at your most fashionable?

When I've slept well, have a good hair day and when I have some new stilettos on my feet - or, much better - a new Saint Laurent bag on my shoulder. Then, I’m ready to take on the world.

Levi wears the Ruby black leather pencil skirt and the Kiera black suede buckled boots For more style from Levi visit Tlnique