History shows us that denim has reigned supreme as the off-duty fabric of choice for many a film/rockstar. The hard-wearing, blue stuff works over jackets, shirts and, of course, jeans. From Western-inspired to rock 'n' roll and downright grungy, we round-up our favourites.

Oh Farrah, what a girl! These images of her zooming towards the camera on her skateboard showcase All-American denim at its best. Great sneaker/sweater co-cordination too.

Going to prove that Europeans can rock denim too, Brigitte Bardot shows us how its done ship-shape style, in cropped jeans with her country's style staple; the Breton top.

Debbie Harry carries off double denim like only a rockstar can, with attitude. We love her teeny-tiny jacket on top of those high-waisted stonewash jeans.

Audrey Hepburn stepped out of the those Givenchy frocks for a moment in Breakfast at Tiffany's to strum out Moon River, while looking wistfully beautiful on her window sil. Iconic.

Marilyn Monroe could apply her feminine charm to any outfit, even boyfriend-fit jeans, which she mastered with a tie front and/or wildly un-buttoned shirt.

Hollywood bad boy, Marlon Brando, wore a tough combination of leather and denim for his role in The Wild One, which summed up the shift towards youth culture in the Fifties.

A rebellious icon if ever there was one, Elvis Presley reportedly didn't like wearing denim as it reminded him of his poor childhood. However, he owned the look, wore it well and made it cool.

Alongside Brando, James Dean, Hollywood heartthrob and bad boy, equally placed denim on the fashion map in films such as Rebel Without A Cause. Something of a pin up for guys and girls, he's a denim legend.

Kurt Cobain brought a whole new dimension to denim in the Nineties. His grunge look defined a generation, where ripped jeans, curtained hair and girly accessories made him its icon.

Steve McQueen may be better known for his ability to wear a very sharp suit, but he could certainly turn his hand to denim too. With an unmistakable machoness, he wore rough and ready denim very well.