DB, or not DB, that is the question?


The tailoring look of this season is a tale of “more” or “less” buttons. The double-breasted look, trail-blazed by the like’s of Ryan Gosling, as seen numerous times promoting film after film, has created a refreshing take on the 80’s classic. The DB is not a forgiving look if you get it wrong, but the new crop of jackets showing up on the fashion radar are much improved from its bulky 80’s companion. The fashion now is for an elegant and slimmer silhouette. Jackets are cut shorter and overall that makes the DB feel younger and fresher, a great option for the transition into the spring to summer months. And it really is all about the cut of your DB, the jacket should profile the body, not hug it. And to make sure the silhouette looks of the moment, the shoulders should be narrower, soft and tailored, with comfort in mind. Take a look at our classic Reiss navy DB WEATHERBY suit. This wool blend suit is tailored for a sharp silhouette and its fine elastane content adds polished on trend comfort. The return of the double-breasted look is of course part of what seems to be a bigger revival of classic 80’s attire such as chinos, blazers and button-down collars. But don’t be afraid of the modern take on these essentials, which can be slimmer, have softer construction and a more relaxed feel but totally on trend. Scrutinise the way likes of Jude Law, David Beckham and Tinie Tempah put themselves together. Times are a changing so I say “don’t forget to double up”.

Ryan Gosling developing his DB look

Jude Law showing us how the DB look is done

David Beckham sporting his DB

DB for the evening, as Tinie Tempah demonstrates evening cool