Leather is one of our favourite autumn/winter trends, and it's one we can adopt while the sun is still shining - especially now the heat wave has simmered. Not just restricted to sitting in your outerwear collection, leather is making an appearance on all kinds of garments this season, and this week we focus on the leather skirt over lunch at  Benugo Garden Cafe (our favourite sunshine spot).

Our customer acquisition manager, Giedre, is renowned for rocking a leather pencil, so it went without saying that our Ezra skirt would be a winner with her - and we love the way she styles it.

Great for now and for later, Giedre wears her Ezra skirt with a colourful tee and bare legs while summer is still here and will swap to tights and a fluffy knit when temperatures drop.

With a reputation for some fierce accessorising, Giedre always goes bright when it comes to shoes, vintage when it comes to jewellery and with a new-found love for manicures, has fun with her nail colour.