This month marks the launch of this season's Personal Approach campaign and we've partnered with Clarins to celebrate the event. This is your opportunity to receive bespoke style advice from a Reiss Personal Stylist, enjoy a few light refreshments in store plus receive a 10% discount and a Clarins goody bag with purchases over £350. Here, we talk to head of training at Clarins, Marie Schmid, about her daily skincare routine, how to switch up products between seasons, and we get her top tips on how to stay glowing whilst dealing with the mad rush of Fashion Week. Click here to book an appointment and be in with a chance to win £1,000 Reiss shopping spree and a luxury Clarins hamper.

What does your daily skincare routine entail?

I am the traditional cleanse, tone and moisturise girl. I wake up with Pure Melt Cleanser in the shower, tone with Toning Lotion for dry/normal skin and brighten my occasionally puffy eyes with Extra-Firming Eye Serum. To finish, I apply my absolute must-haves – Double Serum and Multi Active Day Cream (all pictured above).

At night, I always use a cleanser to rid my skin of make-up and pollution from the day. My evening routine involves using Alpine Cleansing Milk, toner and eye cream followed by Multi-Active Night Cream, to which I add 2 drops of Blue Orchid Oil for an extra shot of hydration and radiance.

How do you prep your skin before a long day or a night out wearing make-up?

I exfoliate my skin to soften, smooth and boost its radiance, use Beauty Flash Balm to prime my face and Eye Revive Beauty Flash to wake up my eyes. This wonder duo keeps my skin and make-up looking fresh and radiant all day – even when I might not feel that way!

What are your top 3 beauty must-haves?

1. Double Serum

2. Cleanser (Pure Melt and Alpine Cleanser are my favourites)

3. Beauty Flash Balm

What are the 3 best things a woman can do for / to her skin?

1. Follow a skin care routine; cleanse, tone, moisturise and apply eye serum daily.

2. Exfoliate twice a week.

3. Keep skin hydrated from within – drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in water content.

How can you identify your own skin type?

By looking at your skin properly and asking yourself, "how does my skin feel?" It will usually fall into one of the following categories:

- Tight and uncomfortable – your skin is dehydrated

- Shiny/oily T-zone and normal to dry cheeks – you have combination skin

- Red, flaky patches, dull complexion – your skin is dry

- Oily, shiny, prone to blemishes – you have an oily skin type

- No problems – you have normal skin

Super restorative face mask, Blue Orchid face oilHydraQuench face cream

Right now is a tricky trans-seasonal time. Should your skincare routine change based on the time of year? 

Yes, and it’s easily done. Switch from a lightweight SPF lotion or cream in the spring/summer months to a cream-based product in cooler months. Naturally, it will offer more nourishment and help to combat changing weather conditions.

Add Face Treatment Oils to your night creams for an extra shot of hydration.

Adopt a weekly routine involving face masks to boost the skin. Choose one that adds moisture, radiance or detoxes depending on what your skin needs the most.

If you have been exfoliating once a week during the summer months, bump this up to twice a week for autumn/winter to help keep skin in optimal condition and encourage new, healthy cells.

On days when there’s no time to make an appointment, do you have any tips for creating an at-home spa experience?

Why not try:

- Setting the scene for a perfect bath; scented candles, lights dimmed, soft relaxing music playing, a good book or magazine, phone switched off and door closed.

- Have the water temperature warm but not hot as this can affect the skins firmness.

- Make sure you use a fragrant bath concentrate i.e. Clarins Relax Bath or a Bath Oil to aid relaxation.

- Place Clarins Relax Oil onto cotton pads and let them warm on the bathroom radiator - it will infuse the room with the relaxing scent.

- Treat yourself to a face and hair mask.

NB: Before getting into a bath, apply Tonic Body Polisher to ensure soft, smooth, radiant glowing skin. It dissolves in the water once you get in.

Fashion Week is a busy time for a lot of people and the lack of sleep takes its toll on the skin. What are your top tips for reviving a tired complexion post rush?

Here’s a quick pick-me-up routine for the morning before a day at Fashion Week:

- Upon waking, splash the skin with cool water to refresh and stimulate circulation before following with your cleansing routine. Products such as One-Step Exfoliating Cleanser with radiance-reviving orange extract are great to deep cleanse, detoxify and exfoliate in one quick easy step.

- Before stepping into the bath/shower, body brush to stimulate the skin’s circulation and gently exfoliate the skin. In the shower an invigorating, refreshing wake-up product is a must to wake up both the mind and body. Try Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate with invigorating extracts of mint.

- For the face, cooling, refreshing eye gels applied with light tapping movements help to erase signs of tiredness, fatigue and puffiness. Keeping them in the fridge will give them added freshness.

- When applying your chosen serums and moisturisers, apply with light tapping movements before sweeping into the skin. Then, before applying your Beauty Flash Balm, why not try some morning skin exercises to perk up the skin.

Marie Schmid, Head of Training at Clarins UK.