Throughout the season we've been asking digital menswear influencers about their cold weather style to see  Reiss AW14 men's outerwear visualised through different eyes. Hailing from Sweden, menswear blogger Tobias Sikstöm is no stranger to dressing for long winters. Here in Cold Weather Cool, he shows us how he tackles dressing during the autumn and winter, in the process imparting the key to his cold weather style. Read on to discover more about Tobias’ style for the seasons ahead and for more Cold Weather Cool, see Studied Nonchalance and Quyen Mike.

Talk us through your outfit choice?

I become very monochrome during autumn and winter and I like to match different shades of the same colour palette. Grey is one of my favourite colours this season. Here I'm wearing my new Reiss coat with a soft cashmere sweater and a darker wool scarf; everything is in shades of grey. After that I use hard black leather accessories and slim-fit black jeans. This look perfectly reflects my style.

How would you sum up your personal style?

I think I’m quite Scandinavian and minimal in the way I dress. I like to keep it simple and focus on material and fit. I don’t really wear accessories that often. It’s fun to mix and match different styles and I would say that my personal style is a mix of casual, bohemian and minimalism.

Tobias wears the Woodville blue fisherman knit jumper

How does colour feature in your wardrobe?

During the warmer days - when I can use a leather jacket instead of a winter coat - I try to find the perfect sweater to stay warm in. Since I wear a lot of black it’s nice to find a garment with a pop of colour to light up the darkness.

What’s the best piece of style advice that you've ever been given?

The best advice I've ever been given is to go with the right fit. It doesn't really matter how nice the garment is, if it doesn't fit you the way you want it to, it’s probably not the right choice. Except for that, I've been told to go with my first instinct. That is something I always try to keep in mind. Those thoughts are usually the best ones.

What’s the one item of clothing/accessory that can’t you live without for the autumn/winter?

My number one choice is the perfect knitted sweater. The one that you never want to take off and wear every single day. Most of the time, that sweater is made of a soft material like cashmere.

Whose cold weather style do you admire and why?

One of my favourite things to do during those snowy and cold days in Stockholm, is to watch people pass by while walking down the street. Winter season is quite long in Sweden so a lot of people have had time to build their wardrobe over the years. If you ever come to Stockholm, visit a local café and just stare for a minute or two.

What do you look for in your winter coat/jacket?

Coats are without a doubt one of my favourite pieces. A coat can make a statement on its own and it’s not hard to look stylish in a nice coat. When the time comes to search for a new coat, I’m always looking for diversity. I want one that is warm but still looks dressed up. My favourites are the simple and timeless ones. Those which you can save and wear for many years in a row.

Which city or place inspires your cold weather style?

There are two places that I can get lots of inspiration from. The first one is my hometown Gothenburg. I really like the way some of the citizens dress there. It’s very simple and effortless but still interesting. Whenever I go back to visit my family I can always bring some fresh inspiration back home with me. The other one is New York. Even though it can be freezing cold there, the New Yorkers know how to dress for the cold with functionality and style.

Tobias wears the Genesis grey coat and the Charlie navy boiled wool blazer

When do you feel at your most stylish?

When I’m wearing different shades of black from head to toe in different materials. Black is a safe colour without being boring.

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