Throughout AW14, we're asking menswear influencers what style during the colder months means to them. Demonstrating the versatility of Reiss AW14 men's coats and jackets, we asked each influencer to style Reiss outerwear designs and to reveal the secrets to their cold weather style. Meet Sweden-based Tomasz Józiewicz, the blogger behind Studied Nonchalance, we turned to Tomasz for his tailored yet relaxed approach to style. Read on to discover more about Tomasz's style for the seasons ahead and for more Cold Weather Cool, see how Quyen Mike styled Reiss men's outerwear.

Tomasz wears the North peak lapel navy coat

Tomasz wears the Charlie boiled wool navy blazer and the Rossi dark brown monk strap shoes

What do you look for in your winter coat/jacket?

First of all it needs to be warm, I get cold very easily. But it also must have the perfect fit. And I love high collars.

How would you sum up your personal style?

I think that the name of my blog is a good description of my style. Studied nonchalance. It sounds funny, but you need to put some work into looking effortless, otherwise you’ll just look messy.  My style is masculine, smart and… effortless.

Talk us through your first outfit?

The first outfit is simply my day-to-day look. I can’t imagine autumn and spring without a wool jacket. The Charlie navy blazer is comfortable, warm and elegant. Slim-fit dark jeans are my second must-have. Also, can never go wrong with a simple v-neck T-shirt. Finally, adding a colourful pocket square makes it all a little more playful.

What’s the best piece of style advice that you've ever been given?

I haven’t been given any personal advice, but Charles Hix once said that “looking good isn't self-importance; it’s self-respect.” I couldn't agree more!

Talk us through your second outfit.

My second outfit is more formal. The Cooper double breasted suit is very modern, yet still classic. Leaving the last shirt button undone and adding colourful, messy handkerchief makes the look more relaxed. In both outfits I used the same monk strap shoes and double-breasted coat. It shows the versatility of these items. Some of your clothes you can use for casual and formal looks, you just need to style them properly… like “accidentally” leaving the shoe strap unbuckled, or lifting the coat’s collar.

What’s the one item of clothing/accessory that can’t you live without for the Autumn/Winter?

As I mentioned before, it’s a wool jacket. You can wear it with nearly everything, nearly everywhere.

Whose cold weather style do you admire and why?

I think it would be David Gandy. He’s a big inspiration for me, he's always looking dapper.

Which city or place inspires you cold weather style?

I’d say New York.

When do you feel at your most stylish?

On a chilly sunny day. Wearing layers always makes you look better and the sun just makes me feel good, also about myself.