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For us, one of the greatest pleasures of Christmas time is the array of wonderful foods and drinks which suddenly become so deliciously within reach. And, since we’re good (ish) all year round, December is the month where indulgence becomes the order of the day.

It made perfect sense then, for us to commit ourselves to uncovering the perfect Christmas tipple. So dedicated we are to this cause, that we’ll be sharing our favourite bespoke recipes throughout December.

To start, we tasked our friends at London’s STK to come up with a cocktail which was the inspired by the Royal Opera House’s enchanting ballet production of The Nutcracker, and, after much concocting, there was one clear winner. Here it is in all its wonderfully wintry glory.

Reiss STK1


‘smooth, silky and refreshingly nutty’


40ml Sailor Jerry rum
20ml Frangelico hazelnut liqueur
10ml Mozart dark chocolate liqueur
10ml Grand Marnier
10ml double cream
10ml sugar syrup “gomme”


Hazelnut foam
Marzipan decorations
Cinnamon Powder
Finely chopped hazelnuts


 Take one Boston glass, and add the rum, frangelico, dark chocolate liqueur, Grand Marnier, sugar syrup and double cream.


 Take a mocha glass and fill it comfortably with ice cubes.

 Pour your combined mixture into your ice filled glass.

Carefully top the mixture with hazelnut (or coconut) foam.

Sprinkle cinnamon powder and finely chopped hazelnuts onto the foam.

Add further marzipan garnishes of your choice.


Reiss STK cocktail 1
Reiss STK cocktail 2
Reiss STK cocktail 3
Reiss STK cocktail 4
Reiss STK5
Reiss STK6
Reiss STK cocktail 7

The Royal Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House will be broadcast live to a cinema near you on the 12th December at 7:15pm, presented by Darcey Bussell.