For the second instalment in our What Christmas Means To Me series, we asked Dublin-based fashion blogger, Anouska Proetta Brandon how she'll be spending her Christmas in style. For more in the series, discover Dallas Wardrobe's entry here.

Whereabouts will you be spending Christmas and with whom will you be?

I spend every Christmas here in Dublin, my mum who lives in France comes over each year so I love having my whole family together over the festive period. My Maga (AKA my grandmother) will be visiting us from England for a few days too so I am feeling very spoilt with family love.

On Christmas Day what will you be doing?

Christmas Day most often starts off with a nice long lie-in, and since there’s no small children in the house anymore no one is hurrying to open their Christmas presents which suits me just fine! After some breakfast, myself and my family get dressed up and go to visit my grandmother. It’s always very relaxed which is exactly what Christmas should be.

Which three things are on your wish list this year?

Every year there’s always one - or two – big things on my list, and this year, that is a Chanel boy bag or Saint Laurent Lulu bag. I have taken the hint and have realized that no one will buy these for me so I’m saving instead! Otherwise I don’t really mind, material things come and go, so the most important thing for me is to spend quality time with my family.

What’s the very best present that you’ve ever been given?


The presents I remember the most fondly are ones that had a lot of thought put into them. My best friend once painted me a picture of my beloved cat, which is hanging proudly in my apartment still. That was really special, and so lovely.

What is your most cherished Christmas tradition?

My family aren’t very traditional. For the past few years we would have a huge Indian feast on Christmas day rather than turkey & ham, we’re all into spicy foods so that suits us better. It’s a little out of the ordinary but it’s perfect for us. I usually go over to my boyfriend’s family home on St Stephen’s Day (an Irish holiday) to get myself a proper Christmas meal and celebrate with his family, so that way I get the very best of both worlds!

What is your fondest Christmas memory?


Last year, in my brother’s place with his girlfriend, my mum, grandmother, dad, cat and my brother’s two dogs. It was a full house which was chaotic but wonderful. I’m not much of a chef but my brother’s girlfriend is a really incredible cook; she taught me how to make macaroons! They didn’t turn out perfectly but I’m pretty sure that was my fault. I still enjoyed them anyway!

Describe your winter wardrobe.

Each winter, I like to have a good selection of coats. Different colours, different styles and all manner of materials. Since it’s more often than not the main piece in your outfit come winter it’s good to have a variety.

Where do you visit in Dublin during the Christmas holidays?


There is an abundance of fantastic small coffee shops all around Dublin, which never disappoint. I look forward to my coffees and always like to try new places out. There are lots of great restaurants and cool things to see too. Specifically, I really like the area around South William Street, I suppose that you could say that it’s the “hip” part of town and is another great place to pause for lunch in-between shopping.

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