Next up in our Christmas in my City blogger series is Hallie Daily from the beautiful Los Angeles in the USA. Showing us a sunnier take on the festive season, Hallie tells us how Hollywood does Christmas, complete with incredible decorations and even visits to the beach.

What’s happening in your city over Christmas?

I live in Los Angeles and the Christmas season is a great time to be here. We don't have snow in the city, but if we want it, it's only an hour or so drive away in the nearby mountains. You'll find every conceivable traditional holiday activity, including some designed for colder weather, without actually having to suffer through the cold!

These days are even a great time to visit the beach, at least to just walk around and enjoy the view.  It was 84 degrees here a couple of days ago, and there's always a good chance such warm weather can return any day.  Even if it is chilly, it is great to see the waves and you won't be battling the crowds to get parking!

All the local theme parks, like Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Knott's Berry Farm dress up in holiday finery, some are even complete with nightly snowfall. Christmas-themed characters and shows join the classic Disney family at Disneyland. Not to mention the Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood; it is always decorated beautifully and provides entertainment, character photo opportunities, set visits and more.  And so many houses are lit up with fancy Christmas lights and other decorations, sometimes we just take a drive around to enjoy them after dinner.  In the local boat marinas, most of them have 'Parades of Light' during the Christmas season, where all the sailboats and motor yachts are decorated, and cruise around the harbor after sunset - very beautiful!  If you plan it right, you can have dinner at a bayside restaurant and watch the show as you dine.

What do you do on Christmas day?

Normally I get up very early on Christmas day, to call my family in China ( we have 8 hours time difference, plus we're on different sides of the international dateline), and chat with them. Then our little family will go out for a traditional holiday breakfast at our favorite breakfast place, More Than Waffles.

There is one residential neighborhood nearby in Woodland Hills, and every year for 50 years most of the people there decorate their houses VERY extravagantly with lights and Christmas scenes - they even change the street names to things like, Candy Cane Lane.  The houses have such beautiful decorations and it has become so popular that the neighborhood attracts people from all around the world to visit them. My husband and I love to go there with our little son after dark.  It's nice to look at all the different decorations house by house and it’s really wonderful to see other people with their loved ones taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful views together during the Happy Holiday.

What do you wear over the festive period?

I originally come from China, and in Chinese culture, wearing red during the holiday means good luck. In my festive period outfit, I always like to include a little bit red, like this cute red clutch, or just the red lips.

What would you like for Christmas?

I have always wanted the perfect camel coat with a great cut and good material, and I think I have just found one from Reiss. For other things, our house is under re-modeling and renovation right now, and I am looking for some lovely home decorations and furniture when the dust settles — here and there.

Hallie wears: Lavine dress, Board coat, Christie shoes and Miro clutch. Then, our Summer jacket and Paris Lan trousers.

Check back on the blog next week when we'll be meeting a new blogger from a different city.