SS15 has seen Reiss partner with luxury travel brand, Steamline Luggage, to produce a capsule collection of wheeled suitcases. To mark the occasion, the My Life In A Suitcase series will follow one man and his suitcase around for a summer of foreign sojourns. After departing from Scotland with a monogrammed Reiss X Steamline Luggage case by his side, here Chris Millington touches down in Barcelona. Discover the city through Chris' eyes.

Chris wears the Bondi dark bloom black shirt

Chris travels with a personalised Reiss X Steamline Gallivant black wheeled suitcase

Barcelona, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, we meet again.

I've always had such a strong bond with Barcelona. I travelled there many times with my family as a young child and later as a skateboarder. Of course, I chose the weekend of El Clásico -Spanish football’s biggest derby – to visit so that I could watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid. What an eventful weekend my team and I had in store. Here is my visual diary of the days I spent there wearing Reiss.

On Friday, I arrived from the airport at Passeig De Gracia in central Barcelona.

It’s the retail hub of the city. Incredible store fronts, beautiful hotels, rooftop plazas and magnificent fountains created the landscape for the beginning of the weekend. A good start, I’d say!

I spent the day walking around Passeig De Gracia, scoping out the best views and eating spots in the central area of the city. 

I wore my black floral Bondi shirt, accompanied with my black Maurice jeans, the temperature was comfortable but not quite warm enough for shorts.I found a rooftop bar and pool atop the Hotel Claris on the lovely Carrer de Pau Claris. A lovely lunch spot for another afternoon with the team, perfect!

Friday night was amazing as we ventured to Jamboree, a notoriously well-known R&B club in the centre of Las Ramblas in Downtown.

With €10 entry and a 5am close time, we had found ourselves quite the eventful evening! We headed back to the apartment at around 4am, I was exhausted.

Saturday morning saw us venture around the lovely little area of Poble Sec.

I took my case out for an adventure on the Metro as we took the train all the way out to the harbour on the coast. I threw together a more ‘summery' look on day two, teaming the Beluga shirt with my Wicker shorts in stone. I threw on my black Montebello jacket too, just in case it got a little chilly!

We arrived at the pier and were greeted by an army of seagulls.

They are a lot prettier than the ones we see back home, so it was actually quite nice to watch them fly around for a while. The temperature was perfect and we grabbed an ice cream from a little truck on the waterside, it was quite lovely.

We then headed to Baritimo, a tapas restaurant that overlooks the water.

The food was absolutely incredible and the beer was magnificent. I was in love with Barcelona by this point. Saturday night was then a quiet affair, we decided to head back to our apartment and plan for our final day in the city. The anticipation for the game was building, I was nervous!

Sunday morning came and we rose early, packed our bags and headed out to the Hotel Claris for some brunch and lovely city views.

We spent the morning looking out over Barcelona and deciding on our plans for the football that evening. I threw on my Busby grey mac over my roll neck, it was a little bit colder, so wrapping up made sense!

Lunchtime had passed and we decided to check out Nevermind, a really grungy bar in El Gotic.

It had a skate-ramp inside and was showing skateboarding videos from my youth, I thought I was in heaven. We quickly discovered that a bottle of Estrella Damm at the bar was only €3, it was heaven.

We headed back to the apartment to get ready for the game, the city was absolutely electric, you could cut the tension with a knife.

Despite my love for Barcelona as a city, I've been a Real Madrid fan since I was 5 years old. I was really nervous about the game but it was nice to look back at the story of how I became such a massive Real fan. My Grandfather returned from a holiday to Barcelona with a Real shirt for me, as he couldn't find a Barcelona jersey in my size. One of my oldest family photos has me standing with my Real shirt, alongside my little brother of 2 years old, wearing his Barcelona shirt. It was nice to spend some time in the city during the weekend of the derby, it brought back some fond memories.

We headed to a lovely little bar on Las Ramblas and enjoyed the game, despite the 2-1 scoreline for Barcelona, I had a great time. We headed back to the apartment after the game and packed our bags for the journey home.


I headed off to Castell de Montjuïc on a cable car, on the final morning of the trip, what a superb decision that was.

The views were superb and the castle was absolutely beautiful. After that, I headed to Placa de Espanya and Museu d’Història de Catalunya, before getting the cab to the airport. It was a brilliant way to end my weekend.

Barcelona is an amazing city for fashion, food, relaxation and fun.

It’s got such an incredible atmosphere and the Catalan locals were always helpful when we needed any help along the way.

I’d really recommend checking out these spots:

Tickets Bar - Poble Sec (Tapas) Ikibana - Poble Sec (Brazilian + Japanese food)

Nevermind - El Gotic (A Rock Bar) Jamboree - Las Ramblas (An R&B club)

Baritimo - Harbour (Tapas) Passeig De Gracia (Fashion retail heaven)

Castell De Montjuïc (Views and history)

Museo d’Historia de Catalunya (View and history)


Photography by Stew Bryden