As this year's Cannes Film Festival draws to a close, we asked our reporter Louise Roe to give us the red carpet run-down. Having had the good fortune of seeing the stars and their sartorial choices up close, Louise was best-placed to tell us who sparked those paparazzi bulbs to flash.  

Was there a wow red carpet moment?

Blake and Ryan... that was a true movie star moment, they looked so happy together.

Who were the best dressed girls?

Blake of course, Eva Mendez in blush, Kendall Jenner's side boob and Cate Blanchett.

And the best dressed guys?

Liam Hemsworth and Ryan Reynolds.

Which cast was the most stylish?

The Hunger Games.

Were there any emerging trends from Cannes this year?

Lots of backless, printed dresses, and women wearing chunky watches with gowns on the red carpet.

Who threw the most fashionable party?


Who looked best off-duty?

I loved Jennifer Lawrence in a grey top and low slung black trousers.

Looking back, what’s your most iconic Cannes fashion moment?

Anything involving Sharon Stone - she is Cannes Film festival!

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