Nothing says rebellion quite like a leather jacket. For over a century, the bold choice of outerwear has represented individuality and effortless style, making the garment incredibly popular on the silver screen. We look at what makes Hollywood’s original rebel Marlon Brando such a timeless style icon, and how to recreate his look today.  

Taking Flight

Originally designed for pilots and members of the military during the First World War, flight jackets (or bomber jackets) have remained popular throughout history. By the 1930s, the leather jacket was reinvented into a tougher piece of outerwear and worn mainly by bikers.

However it was when the 50s arrived that the leather jacket truly found its glamorous home in Hollywood. From James Dean to Keanu Reeves, no man’s look has been complete in cinema without a signature leather jacket.


The Wild One

Perhaps most iconic, and rightly so, is Marlon Brando’s appearance in 1953’s The Wild One. The leather jacket helped Brando verify his bad-boy image, paving the way for an endless trail of imitators.

Brando wasn’t afraid to take risks with his style, often choosing to wear jeans to film premieres and adding motorbike gear to his everyday repertoire. The actor went on to inspire an entire generation to rise up against the establishment – particularly when it came to clothes.


Get the Look

 The trick here is to nod to the past without slipping into fancy dress territory. Our Brando leather biker jacket is the perfect place to start, either in black for a classic take or in tan for a more contemporary approach.

Throw on over a button-up shirt and team with woollen trousers and brogue boots to keep the look up to date. To truly channel your inner-Brando though, leave the jacket unzipped over a plain white tee and wear with slim fit jeans with rolled up cuffs. You’ll be ready for the silver screen in no time.