Next up in our first ever Menswear Blogger Battle is Australian blogger, Ben Galbraith. Based in Adelaide, the 60s-obsessed fashionista works as a freelance set and costume designer. In his spare time however, he runs the fantastic  blog, Kolonel Mustard. Read on time to find out more about this stylish modern gent with a retro-inspired twist.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Ben Galbraith and I am from Adelaide, Australia. When I'm not blogging I can always be found in my studio painting or tinkering on some sort of creative project.

Explain your blog to us.

I started my blog, Kolonel Mustard, around the end of 2011; it was really just a fun project with my older brother (he takes all my photos). I had no idea that people would end up reading it!

Tell us about your personal style. 

I tend to describe my style as classic American 60s mixed with a few other influences here and there.

Who is your biggest style icon and why? 

It’s honestly a hard question to answer, I wouldn't say I have a particular single icon... I've always been fascinated with the style of JFK and many other people from the early 60s.

If you weren’t a fashion blogger, what would your dream Plan B job be?  An astronaut. Vote for Kolonel Mustard now to be in for the chance of winning a £500 Reiss gift card.