As we build up to the sartorial whirlwind known as London Collections: Men this Sunday, we're excited to announce that we'll be running our first ever Menswear Blogger Battle! From London to Sydney, the stylish showdown will feature four of the top bloggers from around the world all after one thing: your vote. Once we've introduced you to each blogger throughout the week, you'll have the chance to vote for who you think has styled our SS13 collection in the best way on Friday. One lucky voter will receive a £500 Reiss gift card. To kick off, we met Baltimore blogger, Brian Sacawa, who runs the fantastic blog He Spoke Style. The suave squire gives us the lowdown on everything from why he started blogging, to his biggest style icons from the past, present and in fiction.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Brian Sacawa. I am 35 years old and live in Baltimore, MD USA. I am a professional musician, having been a saxophonist my entire life, but along the way I have also been known as a concert series producer, an elite bicycle racer, and a runner up in a national cocktail recipe competition. And now, of course, a men's personal style blogger.

2. Explain your blog to us.

I launched He Spoke Style after spending an entire year wearing the same outfit. The Year of One Look was definitely an extreme experiment, but it taught me a lot about versatility and how to do more with less. That lesson was really the driving force behind He Spoke Style.

He Spoke Style is a resource for real men interested in developing a menswear collection or refining their personal style. And that's the thing: style is personal. How I wear something is just one way it can be done, not the way. That is very important to me. If somebody finds a look on the site inspiring, that's fantastic. I am in the inspiration business so that means I've done my job. If not, that's fine too.

3. Tell us about your personal style.

If you asked me to invent a category for my personal style, I suppose I would call it "Modern Classic." I am a huge fan of tradition in menswear and classic pieces but also doing something creative, modern, and slightly unexpected within those boundaries. Great fit is huge for me and I put an absolute premium on it. My tailor deserves a lot of credit for always nailing what I ask for and simply putting up with me!

4. Who is your biggest style icon and why?

From the past: Cary Grant. A true gentleman and the epitome of style and class. I've never seen Cary Grant in a suit that didn't fit perfectly. And on top of that, he always carried himself with humility and grace despite being phenomenally stylish and talented. The ideal.

From the present: Justin Timberlake and Nick Wooster. I really see both of these gentleman as modern day expressions of Cary Grant but still extremely unique. In addition to his style, I obviously also admire Justin Timberlake's talent as both a musician and entertainer. And I love Nick Wooster's ability to turn tradition into something completely unexpected and brilliantly stylish. Both gentleman are also amazingly thoughtful and articulate about their craft. I like thinkers.

From fiction: James Bond. Maybe a bit of an obvious choice, but seriously, what guy with even a passing interest in style doesn't have some sort of man crush on James Bond? Sure, it's a fantasy, but a pretty sexy one.

5. If you weren't a fashion blogger, what would your dream Plan B job be? That's an easy question. I'm fortunate to already have my dream job and be a style blogger. The fact that I am a professional musician who gets to communicate with and inspire so many people through music is truly my dream job. What I love about He Spoke Style is that it allows me to do those same things, just through a different medium. Vote for He Spoke Style now to be in for the chance of winning a £500 Reiss gift card.